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Dawna - 11 Abril 18:12

ubicacion: marbella, estepona, cancelada el paraíso, benamara dos hermanos. . . .

Hettie - 10 Noviembre 04:33

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Admin - 10 Mayo 17:23

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Devin - 4 Octubre 09:46

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Adalberto - 17 Abril 10:48

I thought I had subbed on Subbable, but yeah just did.В Now joined with CrashCourse and SciShow.

Leisha - 12 Diciembre 13:03

My identifiers change often they're pretty fluid. Let's see, I'm cis-female (most days sometimes I feel genderqueer), Kinsey 4 or 5 (variously bisexual, pansexual, heterosexual homoromantic, gay, or most often just queer), agnostic panentheist (though I'm exploring universalist/progressive Christianity), Discordian, daughter, friend, sister, granddaughter, librarian, writer, anxiety sufferer, adult child of alcoholics, cat owner, Canadian, Hufflepuff, Nerdfighter (and I guess Sexplaneteer), INFJ (I think), 9w1 sp/sx (I think).

Maybell - 3 Junio 12:11

She is absolutely hot! Perfect body, cute face!, but who the fuck wrote the description, a real retard/ it's BALLOONS, not ballrooms, a ballroom is where you dance at a wedding, stupid! NO such word as thirsting either, dumpy is not the word you want, dumpy is bad!, as in YOUR entire 3rd world shithole country that you are in IS dumpy! Learn English, stupid liar!

Alleen - 6 Diciembre 18:24

My hubby agreed to bring his friend over for my birthday. Always wanted to do a 3 way.